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  • العلامة التجارية: Apple
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ملاحظة: Brand New Sealed.
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Apple TV gives you anytime access to endless entertainment. Thousands of HD movies and TV shows from iTunes - many in stunning 1080p - play through Apple TV on your HDTV, and music and photos stream from your computer. You just click and watch. With AirPlay, it's simple to play content from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch on your TV. And the Apple TV interface makes it easy to find whatever you're in the mood for. Quiet, energy efficient, and so small it fits in the palm of your hand, Apple TV sits neatly on a TV stand or in a crowded media cabinet. When it's not filling your living room with drama, romance, and comedy, it uses less power than a night-light. And the

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اسم المنتج: Apple TV 1080P HD
الرقم المميز للسلعة: 2724267986553
العلامة التجارية: Apple
الصنف: TV Turntables

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