Casio Men's Digital Dial Black Resin Band Watch [AE-1100W-1AV]

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  • العلامة التجارية: كاسيو
  • مادة الشريط: بلاستيك مطاطي (Resin)
  • المجموعة المستهدفة: رجال
  • شكل الساعة: دائري
  • نوع العرض: رقمي
  • نوع: ساع..
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وصف Casio Men's Digital Dial Black Resin Band Watch [AE-1100W-1AV]

  • LED light: A light-emitting diode (LED) is used to illuminate the watch face.
  • World time function: Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world.
  • Stopwatch function - 1/100 sec. - 24 hours: Elapsed time, split time and final time are measured with 1/100-sec accuracy. The watch can measure times of up to 24 hours.
  • Timer - 1/1 sec. - 24 hours: For fans of precision: the countdown timers help you to remember specific or recurring events by giving off an audible signal at a preset time. They The time can be set to the nearest second and up to 24 hours in advance - Ideal for people who need to take medicines every day or those who do interval training.
  • 5 daily alarms: The daily alarm reminds you about recurring events with an acoustic signal at the time you have set. You can also activate hourly time signal that indicates each full hour. This model has 5 independent alarms for flexible reminders of important appointments.
  • Button tones on/off: The button tones for using the mode button can be turned off. This means that the watch no longer beeps when switching from one function to another. Preset alarm or countdown timers remain active when the button tones are deactivated.
  • Automatic calendar: Once set, the automatic calendar always displays the correct date.
  • 12/24-hour timekeeping: Times can be displayed in either a 12-hour or 24-hour format.
  • Spherical glass: The surface of the watch glass is domed. This offers a high level of stability and resistance against pressure.
  • Resin case
  • Resin band: Natural resin is the ideal material for wrist straps thanks to its extremely durable and flexible properties.
  • Long Battery Life: 10 years, 1 battery. Newly developed electronics ensure significantly lower energy consumption.
  • Water resistance classification (10 bar). Perfect for swimming and snorkelling: the watch is water resistant to 10 bar / 100 metres. The metres value does not relate to a diving depth but to the air pressure used in the course of the water resistance test. (ISO 2281)
  • Accuracy: /- 30 sec seconds per month
  • Type of battery: CR2025
  • Dimensions: approx. 48,1mm x 43,7mm x 13,7mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: approx. 40,0 g

مواصفات Casio Men's Digital Dial Black Resin Band Watch [AE-1100W-1AV]

اسم المنتج: Casio Men's Digital Dial Black Resin Band Watch [AE-1100W-1AV]
الرقم المميز للسلعة: 2724271112481
العلامة التجارية: كاسيو
شكل الساعة: دائري
مادة الشريط: بلاستيك مطاطي (Resin)
نوع العرض: رقمي
المجموعة المستهدفة: رجال
نوع: ساعة عملية كاجوال

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