Apple iPad 3 Tablet (64GB, WiFi, White)

by Apple
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2,499.00 AED
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  • Brand: Apple
  • Storage Capacity: 64 GB
  • Operating System: iOS
  • Screen Size: 9.7
Note: Brand New Seal Pack Box
Note: Brand New Seal Pack Box
In Stock Item condition: New
Sold by: chrashid
85% positive rating.
Total ratings: 81
Sold by: chrashid
85% positive rating.
Total ratings: 81
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Description of Apple iPad 3 Tablet (64GB, WiFi, White)

You actually don’t have to drive a BMW to own the iPad 3 64GB from Apple, but you will look like you own a luxury car carrying Apple’s high tech fancy tablet.  The iPad 3 64GB in white comes with an updated A5x dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM bringing quad-core GPU.  The iPad 3 tablet (64GB, WiFi, White) processor drives the efficiency behind its unmatched iOS 5 operating system and generates long battery life similar to iPhone 4S improved A5 chip.  With the release of the Apple iPad 3 tablet (64GB, Wireless, White), Apple is yet again breaking design trends by offering a white tablet in a market full of black tablets. Design is just as important as functionality. The iPad 3 is big in memory, but not in size!  With Apple’s iPad 3 64GB tablet, there is no limit to the amount of apps you can upload and enjoy without space constraint.  Plus, the extra memory storage allows you to take advantage of the high definition camera for crisp photos and videos!  The iPad 3 64GB is the ultimate computing machine that meets your entertainment needs plus some!


The iPad 3 tablet (64GB, WiFi, White) specs are remarkable and vast, and one new feature clearly stands out and that is the iPad 3's clear screen graphics that has topped all other tablets by any other manufacture. Apple has stuffed more pixels into the 9.7” screen (1536 x 2048) making it the best screen on a tablet.  The Apple Retina Display smoothes out edges and makes text ultra sharp, so documents, ebooks and websites are very much clearer to the eye.  Another Retina reward can be seen with the HD video now up to 1080p and stills up to 19MP.  The Retina Display makes everything look superbly crisp.  Checking out your photos on a sharp screen with such a higher resolution makes daily browsing a real delight.  Pretty soon everything will have Retina Display technology on every screen they watch, until then, stand out with owning one now.


People who own a white iPad 3 have said that there is less visible glare on the 10 inch HD screen when using their iPad 3 outdoors. Also, the white iPad 3 is less likely to over-heat when used for long periods of time outdoors compared to the black model. The white iPad 3 64GB wireless tablet is something to seriously consider if you are an outdoor type of person.


Another spec is the rear-facing iSight cam with a 5MB resolution, and a 1080p camcorder for sharp video recording is a bonus feature you will no doubt enjoy and utilize.  iPad 3 tablet (16GB, Wireless, White) users can also enjoy the assistance of Siri, a voice activated intelligent assistant who obeys your every command instantly.  The built in GPS feature get's you the directions that you need with the interactive flexibility and options at a touch of a finger.  Facetime feature benefits from improved graphics resolution.  Also, the new iPad features Bluetooth 4.0 that doesn't take as much battery life compared to the iPad 2.  The curved edges, the oleophobic scratch-proof glass and the aluminium frame are all the kind of thing that some Android tablets tried to ape and failed.  Many more features are waiting for you on the new iPad 3 and is worth upgrading to.


Color difference between a black and white iPad 3 64GB WiFi tablets is purely preference. Apple specifically chose black or white iPad color options to not only compliment the design, but to also allow you to focus on the screen and nothing else.  Both are the same price and both have the same built in applications. If you purchased several black Apple products in the past, you might want to change to white. It is really up to your personal preference. Both colors compliment iPad 3's cool design and both are built in top industrial grade.


The iPad 3 tablet (64GB, WiFi, White) built in apps include:

Safari, Mail, iBooks, Photos, Facetime, Maps, Newsstand, Messages, Calendar, Contacts, App Store, iTunes, Music, Videos, YouTube, Notes, Game Center, Photo Booth, Camera and more...


The iPad 3 tablet (64GB, WiFi, White) is priced competitively considering its new technology, new features, and high grade build quality making it a best buy.  It definitely brings a pretty beam of sunshine to everything; from looking up cooking recipes to rapidly checking out a video, and that is more than enough to make it a really gorgeous device to own. You get what you pay for with the iPad 3 64GB tablet from Apple.


Specifications of Apple iPad 3 Tablet (64GB, WiFi, White)

Product Title: Apple iPad 3 Tablet (64GB, WiFi, White)
Item EAN: 2724266574300
Brand: Apple Tablets
Color: White
Operating System: iOS
USB Port: USB 2.0
Battery Charging Time: 10
Storage Capacity: 64 GB
Depth: 9.4
Digital TV Tuner:
Width: 185.7
Processor Type: Apple
Display technology type: TFT Display
Horizontal resolution: 2048
Touchscreen: Multi-touch
GPS Receivers:
WiFi Based:
Product weight: 652
Alternative EANs: 2724266574300
LED Backlight: Edge LED
Vertical Resolution in Pixel: 1536
Number of Displays: 1
OnBoard Graphic Chip: OnBoard Graphic
Image quality
Megapixel: 0.3
Screen Size: 9.7
Weight & Dimensions
Height: 241.2

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