Canon EOS 7D Body Only (18 Megapixel, Digital SLR Camera, Black)

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  • Specifications

    Display Resolution
    Product weight
    Display Resolution
    Product weight
    Diagonal screen size (cm)
    Memory Type
    Aperture Priority
    Voice Recording
    Movie Voice
    Image Stabilizer
    Shutter Priority
    3D Landmarks
    Chip Type
    WiFi Based
    Maximum Resolution (in Megapixel)
    Memory Stick Duo (MS Duo) Support
    RAW Format
    Integrated GPS Module
    Alternative EANs
    Photo Resolution Width in Pixel
    Photo Resolution Height in Pixel
    View Finder Type
    Optical / Electronic Viewfinder
    Digital Camera Type
    SLR Camera
    Changeable Lens
    LCD Monitor Size in Inch
    XD Card
    Secure Digital High Capacity Card
    Serial Shot Mode
    Video Resolution Width in Pixel
    Video Resolution Heigth in Pixel
    Shortest Shutter Speed in s
    Dioptre Correction
    -3 to 1
    External Flash Shoe
    Bridge Camera
    Face Detection Mode
    Face Detection
    Video Frequency in fps
    SDXC Card
    Item EAN
    Lens System
    Optical Zoom
    Image quality
    18 MP
    Image Sensor
    CCD sensor size
    22.3 x 14.9 mm
    Built In Flash
    Storage Capacity
    Memory Stick Pro (MS Pro) support
    Micro Drive (MD) support
    Multi Media Card (MMC) support
    Secure Digital (SD) support
    Compact Flash Card
    Screen Size
    White Balance
    Manual White Balance
    Power Management
    Battery Technology
    Canon LP-E6
    Weight & Dimensions
    ISO sensitivity
    Technical Information
    Longest Shutter Speed
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  • Description

    Made for both professional and semi professional photographers, the Canon EOS 7D is a high performance DSLR camera that is equipped with some of the most advanced technologies on offer today. With a large 18MP APS C size CMOS sensor, you get images with an extremely high resolution. These images

    Made for both professional and semi professional photographers, the Canon EOS 7D is a high performance DSLR camera that is equipped with some of the most advanced technologies on offer today. With a large 18MP APS C size CMOS sensor, you get images with an extremely high resolution. These images do not lose their clarity even when you enlarge them. An ISO range of 100 to 6400 enables you to shoot photos at high shutter speeds to achieve extremely clear and composed shots in low light conditions without using a tripod or flash. The advanced Dual DIGIC 4 Image Processors quicken the process of the photo being captured, processed, and saved, thereby enabling you to capture multiple photos in quick succession.

    18MP CMOS

    18MP CMOS Sensor with DIGIC 4 Image Processing

    Thanks to the large 18MP APS C size CMOS sensor, the EOS 7D delivers images with such a high resolution that you do not lose any detail when you zoom into them. It also ensures that even if you shoot photos at high sensitivity, there would not be any image noise. The dual DIGIC 4 processors come in handy when you want to shoot multiple photos in quick succession. They allow for faster capturing, processing, and saving of the images in the memory. In addition, the camera can also record and process 18MP images at 8fps, shoot Full HD videos, and activate Face Detection Live Mode, Auto Lighting Optimizer, and Lens Peripheral optimization settings using these sensors.

    Wide ISO Range of 100 to 6400

    Wide ISO Range of 100 to 6400 (Expandable Up To 12,800)

    The EOS 7D lets you capture accurately illuminated photos in varying lighting conditions by providing a wide range of ISO settings. Even in dim lighting conditions and high sensitivity, low noise optimization allows you to capture clear photos.

    Continuous Shooting at 8fps

    Continuous Shooting at 8fps

    Action sequences captured using the EOS 7D are much more realistic, thanks to its capability to shoot 130 JPEG Large/Fine and 25 RAW images at 8fps. You can capture any scene moment by moment, frame by frame to ensure that you miss none of the action. This camera responds quickly and delivers high performance with Canon's fast and efficient electronic systems and shutter.

    Innovative Movie Mode with Manual Exposure Control, Audio Level Adjustment, and Selectable Frame Rates

    Intelligent Viewfinder

    Intelligent Viewfinder

    Along with a magnification of 1x, the revamped viewfinder on the EOS 7D provides you with a 100 percent coverage of the scene you want to capture. The viewfinder also features controllable dioptric adjustment and provides a 29.4 degree viewing angle. The transparent LCD display lets you effortlessly overlay a number of viewfinder displays. Unlike other cameras, this viewfinder enables you to show, hide, or adjust the AF points and metering areas on the screen. You also get to choose from a list of display options such as grid, spot metering, AF points display, hide all, zone AF, spot (single point) AF, AF point expansion, and Dual Axis Electronic Level display. Thanks to the integrated Dual Axis Electronic Level and tilt display, this viewfinder enables you to shoot perfectly leveled images. Both the viewfinder and the LCD screen display leveling information such as the roll and pitch of the camera in 1 degree adjustments.

    19 Point Autofocus System

    19 Point Autofocus System

    The EOS 7D AF system uses some of the latest technologies offered by Canon to tackle complex focusing scenarios. Along with 19 high precision AF sensors that can be selected manually or automatically, this camera also features advanced microprocessors that allow for an ultra fast AF performance. Unlike normal cameras, artificial lighting does not cause any issues related to focusing for the EOS 7D. It uses Canon's exclusive Light Source detection technology to counter this problem. What's more, the Intelligent Macro focusing technology lets you always keep the subject in focus even if it is moving around.

    The Guide Mode

    iFCL Metering with 63 Zone Dual Layer Metering Sensor

    Working in conjunction with the AF system, this sophisticated system considers the luminosity and color intensity of the areas surrounding the selected AF points. This helps the camera deliver accurate results even in complicated lighting scenarios. The color measurement function of the metering sensor eliminates the errors caused by dissimilar light sources, ensuring accurate focus and exposure. The EOS 7D can also balance the exposure of the main subject to the background to prevent the photos from being under exposed or washed out. These features make sure that the EOS 7D perform flawlessly when recording videos under varying light intensity.

    Durable Magnesium Body

    Durable Magnesium Body

    Designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions in extreme places frequented by photography enthusiasts, the EOS 7D has been constructed of premium grade materials. It features a lightweight and durable magnesium chassis and a shutter that can last for up to 150,000 cycles while shooting at speeds of up to 1/8000 sec. The camera seals keep dust and water at bay and protect the high end components inside from damage.

    Manual Audio Level Adjustment

    Manual Audio Level Adjustment

    While recording videos, the EOS 7D provides you with an option to adjust the audio in 64 levels. The icon that is displayed on the Info screen lets you know that the audio is being recorded in the manual mode, helping you avoid any errors when recording crucial videos.

    Great Picture Clarity Even in Low Light Conditions

    RAW Image Processing

    You can quickly process the RAW images on your camera and convert them into JPEG files. This enables you to send them quickly over the Internet to your friends or family. Using the camera, you can even apply different image processing settings to the RAW photos. The settings like include Picture Style, White Balance, High ISO Noise Reduction, Auto Lighting Optimizer, JPEG Quality, Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction, Color Space, Distortion Correction, and Lens Aberration Correction can be applied to your images without even having to use a computer.

    With the firmware updates in place, your EOS 7D enables you to quickly resize JPEG 'L' and 'M' images and save them as separate 'M' and 'S' files.

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