Change Your Life in Seven Days

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Description of Change Your Life in Seven Days

Self-improvement book by the world famous hypnotist and guru to the stars (Robbie Williams, Ronan Keating, Daryl Hannah). It\'s all in the mind, apparently, and all you need to do is change how you think to lead a better life. Think better, live better, is the simple message: patient, heal thyself. And results are attainable in a week. Sceptics groan at this sort of thing but the originality of McKenna lies less in the insights than in the methods. The insights are banal, but the methods clearly work, or at least they have worked for a great many athletes and senior business managers where a positive mind-set is a necessity in daily life. There are lots of other books like this, but McKenna is the leading brand and he is a brilliant self-publicist as well as self-improver. 9780593050552 Bantam Press (January 19, 2004)

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Product Title: Change Your Life in Seven Days
Item EAN: 2724266438305

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