Crest 3D White Professional Effects
173.00 AED

Crest 3D White Professional Effects

173.00 AED

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    Oral Hygiene
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    Crest White Strips 3D white professional effect


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  • user-MCBDCE
    23 June 2015
    Purchased on

    It is a fun toy to play with thou I felt the price was too high and the quality was not that good.

  • user-MGDPGE
    16 May 2015
    Purchased on

    Try it

    its work with me with good result

    for pepole who have sansitive teeth not good

  • merra.khalid
    22 April 2015

    THIS THING CHANGE MY WHOLE TEETH! i do recommend it but ask your doctor first!

  • user-MT88LE
    27 January 2015
    Purchased on


    استخدمت وايد اشياء بس بصراحه انا ماحب هوليوود سمايل لان مهما كان يُبين مب طبيعي بس شفت بنت تستخدم 3Dماكنت مصدقه بس استخدمت تفاجأت بالنتيجه خلال اربع ايام صار بياض حلو وعجبني.

    تبييض الأسنان بطريقه صحيه

  • المهيبه
    13 April 2015
    Purchased on

    ممتاز يبيض ولكن يجعل الاسنان حساسه جدا

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