Derma Roller - 1mm - Face Wrinkles Acne Scars Hair Loss Treatment

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    derma roller 540 needles 1mm face wrinkles acne scars hair loss treatment


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  • nasZ
    05 July 2014


    im already using it for 2 times already. and yes im loving the after result of it. the 1st time i used it i saw and felt changes on my skin, it becomes smooth, literally smooth like a baby skin, i dont know why but it did all the roughness was gone although the scar was still there but i saw a noticeable changes in the scar also, and yes it is painful but tolerable, my face was all red after using it no bleeding just red bcoz of the rush of blood to my face i put some face oil after using it ( palmers skin theraphy) and when i woke up there i have it my skin was most likely renewed, after 2 weeks from my 1st use i tried it again and still loving the result. i just hope with the help of palmers skin therapy the acne scar on my face will be gone in no time. thanks :P


    price (still expensive) and late delivery

  • user-MZCA1B
    14 April 2014

    derma roller is so good

    I'm starting to use z derma roller for z first time.. I feel that it massage perfectly to renew my skin.. but still waitin for better result.. I feel that it's really good for my scars n achne.. advice: try it ;)

    it works.. and speed delivery

  • bellaaa
    11 March 2015


    i recommend this for those who have acne scars, this is not good to use for those who have a active acne, i recommend smaller needles then this one, because this one u can only use once a month

    nice design

    hard to clean

  • hashimafridi
    10 October 2014

    Derma Roller Use

    Its a very good home treatment for acne scares i just starting to use this product and feeling some improvement.

    Its Really works

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