Diablo 3 By Blizzard Entertainment - PC

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  • Brand: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Platform: PC
In Stock Item condition: New
Sold by: ameen_sm
95% positive rating.
Total ratings: 1,184
Sold by: ameen_sm
95% positive rating.
Total ratings: 1,184
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Description of Diablo 3 By Blizzard Entertainment - PC

Masses of enemies are little threat to the Witch Doctor.  He can cast deadly locust swarms that devour his enemies alive.  The swarm not only consumes its target, but seeks out nearby enemies and spreads.  This makes it extremely effective against clusters of monsters.  It leaves nothing behind but the bones. 

Diablo 3 is simply amazing.  Even after playing 50 hours of spilling the blood of your enemies your Diablo 3 addiction will show no sign of stopping.  Diablo 3 is much more user friendly than previous releases.  Also, Blizzard's honed in on its best parts of its beloved action RPG.  Combat remains engrossing.  Multiplayer is a breeze.  Blizzard's created a game so gratifying that it is hard not to spend every waking moment playing, slaying, and hunting for the next epic piece of loot.

There is more to do with your loot in Diablo 3.  After filling up your inventory you can rapidly return to town to offload your loot into an integrated portal system.  Then you can either sell that treasure to a merchant, jump out of the game to put your loot on the auction house, or break it down into component parts via blacksmith.  the blacksmith and jeweler are great additions to Diablo 3.  Adding and crafting systems and reasons to hold onto your gold.  And that thrill of finding gold is still present in Diablo 3.

Game play in Diablo 3 gives you plenty of reasons to use a wider array of power.  Battles in Diablo 3 are also more about how skilled you are with your class and the gear your hero is wearing compared to Diablo 2's potion span focus game.  Switching to a wider array of power never been easier.  Every level unlocks something new for your hero. 

Because Diablo 3 is always played online, Blizzard has integrated a friends list that makes joining and inviting other players easier than ever.  Also new, you only see your own loot and not visible to other players, its ingenious.  The current system makes you feel connected to your friends at all times.  making you feel like being a part of a community more than any other game.

Diablo 3 is one of the best RPG games you will play for years to come!  The loot system is second to none.  Easy multiplayer, fun combat, and a decent story line.  You've seen a wall made of ice, fire and stone, but have you ever seen a wall made of zombies? 

Specifications of Diablo 3 By Blizzard Entertainment - PC

Product Title: Diablo 3 By Blizzard Entertainment - PC
Item EAN: 2724267249214
Brand: Blizzard Entertainment
Platform: PC

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