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iStabilizer Glass Windshield Mount
  • iStabilizer
  • Every Smartphone
  • Glass Windshield Mo..
165.99 AED
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Garmin Suction cup mount
  • Garmin
  • Garmin GPS
  • GPS Mount
79.95 AED
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حامل مــــوبـايل الســــيارة
  • NA
  • حامل مــــوبـايل
49.00 AED
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Car GPS Tracker TK 103A with GSM Alarm SD Card Slot Anti-theft Real-time tracking GK786
  • Heaven
  • Specifications
350.00 AED
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GPS Tracker
  • Mini A8
  • car, bike, boat,chi..
  • Gps Tracker and voi..
899.00 AED
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  • Others
  • GPS GSM GPRS Car Tr..
279.00 AED
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Wifi WLAN OBD2 OBDII Universal Wireless Diagnostic Scan Code Reader,K400
  • WMM
  • 50ft (Line of sight)
  • Code Readers & Scan..
499.00 AED
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Garmin 12-Volt Charger Adapter and Cable
  • Garmin
  • GPS Devices
  • Charger Adapter
152.00 AED
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قاعدة للجارمن 5 أنش
  • Garmin
  • قاعدة جارمن قوية
299.00 AED
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350 Watt Portable 220V   USB DC to AC Car Power Inverter ,K151
  • WMM
  • 350 Watt Portable 2..
  • 350 Watt Portable 2..
257.03 AED
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Universal Vehicle Cup Holder Adapter w/ Suction Mount Surface & Adjustable Base
  • other
  • GPS, Smartphones, T..
  • Vehicle Cup Holder ..
148.31 AED
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GPS Tracker Tk106
  • China
  • All Cars
349.00 AED
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DJI Naza M V2 Flight Stabilization Controller with GPS
  • DJI
  • PlayStation
  • toy's accessories
2,300.00 AED
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Car Tracker
  • GPS
  • All Vehicles
  • Tracking
599.00 AED
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  • Climber
  • GPS tracker
1,480.00 AED
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So you bought a new car and are looking for accessories for navigation and security. Well, look no further than Souq, as we have an exhaustive collection of navigational accessories and security systems for your vehicles. Here, you are sure to find GPRS systems from several reputed brands that offer precise turn by turn navigation while driving. Our range of global positioning systems comes in different sizes, allowing you easily fit them in your vehicles as per your requirements.

We also stock up on a wide range of vehicle security systems such as mobile trackers. The vehicle tracking system enables you to search for the location of a vehicle using your phone tracker. These devices give you complete peace of mind by letting you know of the precise location of your automobile in case it is stolen. Also featured here is a collection of security cameras like CCTV cameras, dome cameras, and more. You can install these in your cars for enhanced security. These cameras can also be put up in cabs and other public transportation vehicles. Car alarms go off if someone tries to break in your vehicles, and are a must in every cars today. We have a huge selection of alarms that protect your car from such break in’s. Parking sensors prove useful when backing up any vehicle, since they alert the driver about unseen obstacles. You are sure to find parking sensors by various makers that can fit on any type of vehicle.

Other types of vehicle accessories such as car battery chargers, wireless diagnostic scan code readers, digital black boxes, and more can also be found on our site, all under one roof for your convenience.