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Great Neck Rotary Tool Set With 35Pc. Accessory Kit
by  Guess, Hand tools -    7 reviews
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    Hand tools Type
    Tool Sets
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    • Polish, grind, cut, shape and sand metals
    • Comes with 35 pc. accessory kit
    • Accepts all standard accessories and attachments
    • 1 year limited warranty

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  • Bongge
    28 November 2015
    Purchased on

    A very good and affordable piece of tool set.



  • falconapd
    21 July 2015
    Purchased on

    very nice for the price

    all good

    speed controller

  • LisaC
    16 April 2015
    Purchased on

    I actually bought this product because all of my manicurists use Dremel tools for my manicures and I hoped I could do my nails myself. I bought this product instead of the Dremel Tool because it was a lot cheaper. The problem is that it has no speed low enough to be safe for nails. The lowest speed will rip your skin off and it only comes with VERY course sand paper attachment. The box says it is specifically for cutting metals so don't buy this for more delicate projects.

    High Speed Good for Cutting Metals but not Finger Nails

    No lower speeds for less intense projects

  • user-MLU6CT
    14 March 2015
    Purchased on

    Works great

  • user-MEY6ZB
    03 February 2015
    Purchased on

    Great Neck rotary Tool

    very handy tool for those who are involved in repairs of machines home appliances and art craft for making miniature models.

    small in size yet powerful for doing miniature jobs effeciently

    will have to wait and see, so far so good.