Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim (250GB, Black)

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  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Hard Disk Capacity: 250 GB
  • Platform: Xbox 360 Slim
  • Color: Black
In Stock Item condition: New
Sold by: tsrajkotwala
95% positive rating.
Total ratings: 640
Sold by: tsrajkotwala
95% positive rating.
Total ratings: 640
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Description of Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim (250GB, Black)

 The XBOX 360 Slim 250GB in black is a great bargain, both in price and in user experience.  Significant improvements with this new Xbox and at a low price you cannot ignore.  If you don't have the Xbox 360 Slim than it is time for your to upgrade.  It's worth it!  What's new and different about this latest Xbox 360 from Microsoft?  Microsoft has done a wonderful job slimming their counsel down and added some useful features that really should have been on the Xbox 360 from the beginning. 

Let's go into some details of the new changes:

On Top of the Xbox 360 Slim Console
On top of the Xbox 360 Slim (250GB) Microsoft added a larger ventilation grill for the fan that prevents overheating.  Allowing you to play on your Xbox Slim for long periods of time without having to worrying about your console heating up.  Giving the Xbox 360 Slim is a much better cooling system than the previous Xbox 360 Elite edition.

On the Back of the Xbox 360 Slim Console
On the back of the Xbox 360 Slim you will find there are much more features than on previous Xbox consoles.  Now you can find 3 USB ports, Ethernet port, Microsoft's new Connect port (similar to a USB port), Xbox's video ports, HDMI port, and the regular AVI ports.  This Xbox 360 Slim also features the new Optical Audio output which is great if you want to connect your Xbox through your surround sound system.  This was not a simple process with previous Xbox's.  The power outlet is now smaller than the bulky outlet of the past which helps save clutter. 

The Front of the Xbox 360 Slim Console
The front of the Xbox 360 Slim is much thinner than before.  The buttons are now all touch and no long push buttons of the past.  This is a really nice update where you don't have to worry about the Power or Eject buttons to jam or get dirty or breaking over time.  Simple touch and your Xbox 360 Slim comes to life or opens the game tray.  This simple update really does improve user experience.  There are also hidden USB ports in the front of the console so they don't interfere with the new slim design aesthetics.

250GB Hard Drive in the Xbox 360 Slim
You won't see the hard drive on both sides of the Xbox 360 Slim.  The bulky hard drive is no longer exposed on the side of the Xbox. This helped with the slimming down of the new Xbox. 

The Xbox 360 Slim's 250GB hard drive is now located on the bottom of the new console and inside out of the view.  The 250GB hard drive is smaller and slimmer then the 120GB hard drive on the Elite Edition console.  Though the hard drive is hidden from view, it is still easily accessible. 

Play on Your Xbox 360 Slim Easily Through Surround Sound System
More like lack of sound.  The new Xbox 360 Slim is very quiet machine.  You won't hear much of anything when loading or ejecting a game, no more weird noises.  Subtle updates that are worth mentioning that you may not even notice.  The quietness of the Xbox Slim console makes the previous Xbox's seem old and clunky in both looks and sound. 

All Black Controllers
One last big improvement is the all black controller for the slim console. Microsoft threw in newly coated controller in all black to match the Slim console.  Even the gray buttons are gone.  Just a styling change here, nothing new in size or features for the Xbox Slim's controllers. 

You Will Love the Xbox 360 Slim (250GB)
Altogether, this all new Xbox 360 Slim model is very nice and a massive improvement over previous Xbox's, especially the Elite Edition which was the premium benchmark.  The Xbox 360 Slim retails at a very low price compared to other consoles and would be an excellent addition to your collection if you do not already own an Xbox.  If you have the old one, it really is worth replacing it with the new Slim model.  It is worth the upgrade at this price range.

Specifications of Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim (250GB, Black)

Product Title: Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim (250GB, Black)
Item EAN: 2724266722534
Brand: Microsoft Game Consoles
Platform: Xbox 360 Slim
Storage Capacity
Hard Disk Capacity: 250 GB
Color: Black

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