BlackBerry mobiles feature RIM’s (Research In Motion) unique BlackBerry Messenger that made it possible for the user to engage in real time conversations with friends and colleagues, chat with a group, send and receive an unlimited number of messages for free without filling up the inbox, have several conversations simultaneously, and more. The Messenger service became an instant hit with consumers and remains so till date.

Mobile phones by BlackBerry also feature GPS functionality that can track phones of other BlackBerry users, making it ideal for use in businesses. Its robust encryption meant nobody could access your emails and BB Messenger conversations. BlackBerry devices featured a super long lasting battery that kept the phone running for hours on end. Having a BlackBerry device means the person carrying the phone is never out of contact. The distinct BlackBerry keyboard on BlackBerry Curve phones like Curve 8520, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Torch, BlackBerry Pearl series, BlackBerry 9900 and several other devices, makes it extremely easy for the user to type their messages. RIM’s indigenously developed BlackBerry OS is renowned to be superfast. These benefits for consumers have led many companies to purchase the devices for their employees.

With the rise in popularity of touch displays, the company launched BlackBerry touchscreen phones of the Z series, which were well received by critics and consumers alike. Syncing data with your PC, Mac or BlackBerry Playbook tablet is a breeze with the BlackBerry desktop manager. You can find an exhaustive collection of BlackBerry phones on Souq with some of the best deals and offers.