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LG or Lucky Goldstar is a group of enterprises that originated from South Korea. The company started in 1947 as the first Korean chemical company, which was later expanded to include home appliances' production. LG mobile Communication division is responsible for design and manufacture of mobile phones and tablet computers. The company developed world’s first CDMA handsets and supplied them to firms in the US.

In year 2000, the firm began manufacturing the first WCDMA technology mobile phones en masse. Its initial offerings were LG B1200, a Nokia-esq candy bar phone with monochrome display; and LG G5200 and LG 600, its two flip phones. In the coming years the company came out with GD570 with LG LED embedded within, G5500, LG G7050, LG G1200, G1800, and L3100, flip type LG C3300 and LG F 2410 mobile phones with color displays. All these units sold very well, giving LG the encouragement to develop further. The year 2006 proved pivotal as it was in this year that the company launched the LG KG800 or LG Chocolate, /s/"> Chocolate, its slider style phone. The device was well received by critics and consumers alike, with reviews praising the heat sensitive buttons on its face. In the years to come, LG mobile’s KG920 and M6100 solidified the company’s reputation as a quality phone maker.

The LG phone Prada was its first touch enabled device, and was the winner of multiple awards for being the best looking phone. Similar stylish phones including Shine and Secret soon followed, and were hailed for their snazzy design and high quality components. In 2010, the company unveiled the LG Optimus series to the world. The company launched revolutionary LG mobile phones in this series like LG P350, /s/"> P350, LG P990, Optimus Vu, Optimus G, as well as LG 3D phone Optimus 3D P920. LG smartphones are known to mold cutting edge peripherals into devices with beautiful designs. In recent years the company has launched high end LG tablets including the LG G Pad series, making a successful foray into the market of tablet computers.