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  • Category Type: Mystery & Thrillers
  • Author: Natsuo Kirino
  • Publisher: VINTAGE
Note: Used Book
Note: Used Book
In Stock Item condition: Used
Sold by: ruuddude
95% positive rating.
Total ratings: 4,068
Sold by: ruuddude
95% positive rating.
Total ratings: 4,068
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Description of Out

A suburban Tokyo woman fed up with her loutish husband kills him in a fit of anger, then confesses her crime to a coworker on the night shift at the boxed-lunch factory. The coworker enlists the help of two other women at the factory to dismember and dispose of the body. Readers beware--Kirino's first mystery to be published in English (it was a best-seller in Japan) involves no madcap female bonding. The tenuous friendship between the four women, all with problems of their own even before becoming accessories to murder, begins to unravel almost immediately. Money changes hands. The body parts are discovered. The police begin asking questions, and a very bad man falsely accused of the crime is determined to find out who really deserves the punishment. The gritty neighborhoods, factories, and warehouses of Tokyo provide a perfect backdrop for this bleak tale of women who are victims of circumstance and intent on self-preservation at all costs.

Specifications of Out

Product Title: Out
Item EAN: 2724266700549
Category Type: Mystery & Thrillers
Publisher: VINTAGE
Author: Natsuo Kirino

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