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PectiPure Modified Citrus Pectin 10 oz (283 grams) Pwdr, Swanson Ultra (SWU213) by GulfSupplements
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    Please note that this item might be "OUT-OF-STOCK" or "ON-DEMAND-ORDER" despite the available quantity you can see above. Please read "Availability" and "Disclaimer" sections at the end of this listing carefully before placing order.

    PectiPure Modified Citrus Pectin 10 oz (283

    Please note that this item might be "OUT-OF-STOCK" or "ON-DEMAND-ORDER" despite the available quantity you can see above. Please read "Availability" and "Disclaimer" sections at the end of this listing carefully before placing order.

    PectiPure Modified Citrus Pectin 10 oz (283 grams) Pwdr, Swanson Ultra (SWU213)

      • A nutritional breakthrough for prostate health

      • Breaks down polysaccharides for improved absorption

      • Delivers cellular level prostate protection
      Now there's a new, all-natural supplement that protects prostate health: Swanson PectiPure Modified Citrus Pectin. The key to this remarkable nutritional breakthrough lies in the advanced processing technique used to produce it. Unlike regular citrus pectin, which cannot be digested by the body, PectiPure uses a proprietary pH-modification technique to break down pectin's long-chain polysaccharides into low molecular- weight fragments that can be absorbed from the digestive tract into the bloodstream. Once these low molecular-weight, short-chain polysaccharides are circulating in the body, their rich concentration of galacturonic acid provides cellular-level prostate protection.

      GulfSupplements is proud to be in the market since year 2000, assisting clients to make the best tailored choice of herbal supplements which suits their needs. Natural remedies / supplements / vitamins as their names suggest are natural products obtained from different sources, however, there is a misconception among people that these products are always safe and do not interfere with other medicinal agents. GulfSupplements works under strict supervision of our clinical pharmacist from USA who counsels, suggests and recommends the supplements considering all patient factors individually, such as, age, sex, health condition, concurrent medications used, etc. We believe every medical and natural remedy should be prescribed under supervision of a medical specialist and we are happy to provide a safe service.
      "Make the right choice by asking your pharmacist!"

      GulfSupplements is regional exclusive distributor of Swanson Health Products Company which is a leader manufacturer and distributor of natural products since 1969 in USA with FDA approved facility.

      To bring our customers safe, high quality, natural health supplements and natural health care products with helpful information that will improve the quality of their lives.

      The global population is increasingly turning to safe, effective, low-cost natural alternatives that support individual health and well being. GulfSupplements is determined to find you the most effective alternative approaches to health and well being. In many areas of the world individuals have been using formulated herbal remedies almost exclusively for centuries, with very positive results.

      Natural herbal formulas are a mainstay of many national health systems and are regularly prescribed by physicians. Our goal is to bring these advantages to you in our store at GulfSupplements.

      With the high level of stress now being experienced in our society, consumers are realizing that "adaptogenic" herbs, formulated properly, assist in the prevention of many of the stress related ailments that are engulfing our civilization. For those of you who want to do one positive thing for your health and well being and those searching to achieve wholeness, we at GulfSupplements are providing you with an opportunity to buy the highest quality products right here in our online store!

      Thanks for shopping with us!

      If you have any question about prescription or over-the-counter medicines, supplements, health conditionS or if you are trying to lose weight, suffering from diabetes or if you are pregnant and need essential supplements, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist, "GULFSUPPLEMENTS". Submit your queries at the bottom of this page and our specialists will respond as soon as possible.

      Money Back Guarantee!

      You can use this product for one month and if you are not satisfied you may return the used pack for a 50% refund (shipping is non-refundable). In order to claim for money-back guarantee you need to:

      • Complete at least one month course.
      • Call us or send an email for a return authorization number.
      • Return the pack(s) within 40 days of the date of purchase.

      If you order more than one pack (say you order 3 packs) and you need to make a return, you would simply return the unopened pack along with the one used and you will get 100% refund on unopened pack plus 50% refund on opened one.

      We want you to be satisfied with every order, please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve our service or supplement selection.


      There is no reported side effect or health issues related the use of this product, however read the following disclaimer before you bid on this product. Bidding / buying this item will constitute your agreement to the following disclaimer.

      • The efficacy of any medicine or nutritional supplement varies in individuals depending on the age, weight, sex, liver function, kidney function, family history, cardiovascular disease, concomitant use of other medications, etc.
      • Gulf Supplements makes no warranties of any kind with regards to the efficacy of this product.
      • Discontinue the product if you showed signs and symptoms of allergy (rash).
      • This product is not proven to be safe in pregnant or lactating woman.
      • All information written here is presented for informational purposes only and is brought o you from the manufacturer brochure or website.
      • Gulf Supplements disclaims all liability related to any information, or the use of said information, on this page.
      • Gulf Supplements recommends that you always consult with your physician before starting any supplement.
      • No statements or products on this site are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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