It is often quoted that a picture is worth a thousand words. Stunning pictures and paintings featuring abstract art, modern art and more can be draining on your wallets. Such form of art can be crystallized in posters and hung up in your homes, thus offering you a cost effective way of having images of prized fine arts, painting art, folk art, etc. in your homes and offices. posters, though initially used to garner attention to social causes or to convey information, have over time found their way into our homes and offices, thanks to their visual appeal. On Souq, you can find an intensive collection of such posters with which you can adorn the walls of your bedroom, living room, or offices.

Besides art posters, on Souq, you can also find vintage posters with prints of ads, newspaper and magazine reports of bygone era art, ancient art posters, and more. You can even have these posters framed in decorative fixtures to convert them into stylish photo frames. Laughter, smile or chuckle inducing funny posters are also featured here on Souq along with motivational posters that elicit a sense of positivity in you. You can even lay your hands on a huge selection of safety posters that provide essential information. Such posters can be useful in schools, homes, factories, offices, and several other places. These posters feature different dimensions, enabling you to find one that are suits for your needs.

Apart from conventional posters, we also have amassed a comprehensive collection of 3D posters, tin posters, posters made using metal, and wall stickers in this section, which give your interior décor a modern touch. So whatever your choice, be it posters with funny captions, inspirational quotes, stunning artwork or vintage posters and safety posters, you can find them all under one roof, right here on Souq.