Samsung Galaxy S3 (16 GB, Android, Amber Brown)

by Samsung
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Description of Samsung Galaxy S3 (16 GB, Android, Amber Brown)

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone is the Korean
manufacturer's most important mobile device to date. Priced to compete with other high end smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 4S, the Samsung
GalaxyS3 is fast and a very tech heavy phone. The Galaxy SIII (16GB, Amber Brown) runs on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS with 16GB of internal memory. Samsung's new 1.4GHz Exynos 4 quad core processor has 1GB of RAM and willhave a micro SD card slot for extra memory upgrade up to 64GB on all GalaxySIII models (16GB, 32GB, 64GB). Samsung is releasing the Galaxy S3 16GBAndroid smartphone with a bang! The Galaxy S3 is the official London 2012Olympics phone!

The Galaxy SIII 16GB Android (in Amber Brown) is ergonomically designed foryour comfort and convenience with enhanced usability. Designed tocomfortably fit into your hands and feels smoother than a pebble on the beach. Dubbing the Galaxy S3's color as 'Amber Brown' Samsung seems to beavoiding the conservative connotations associated with the color brown sincethe Galaxy SIII 16GB is nowhere near conservative by smartphone standards. The Galaxy S3 16GB is 22 percent larger than it's Galaxy S2 predecessorbut the Galaxy SIII is 16 percent lighter. Loaded with easy to use newfeatures and offers exciting advanced technology that makes the Galaxy S3 16GBan intriguing smart phone with brilliant style.

Key Samsung Galaxy SIII 16GB Android (Amber Brown) phone's new features:
Direct Call: Just cannot getyour point across through text messaging? Just hold the phone up to yourear and the Galaxy S3 16GB will instantly call the person you are currentlytext messaging.

Smart Alert is the GalaxySIII's way of notifying you that you received a missed call or a new messageafter you put your phone down. The Galaxy S3 16GB sends you a briefvibration and flashes on notification LED as soon as you pick up the phoneafter a missed call. Warning: with the Galaxy SIII Smart Alert feature,you will no longer be able to use the excuse """"""""""""""""I didn'tknow you called"""""""""""""""" once the world learns of this uniquefeature.

S-Voice is a voice recognitionfeature that can control various features of your phone just by talking to yourGalaxy SIII 16GB directly. Unlike the iPhone 4S's Siri feature, the Galaxy S3'sS-Voice can shoot a photo for you when you ask it to.

Dropbox storage with 50GB offree storage space for everyone. More space means more convenience. Courtesy of Samsung.

Flipboard social networkinformation collector app that is exclusive to Galaxy SIII 16GB owners for alimited time before made available on the Android market. Enjoy theFlipbaord experience before anyone else can when you purchase your Galaxy S316GB phone now.

Social Tag allows you to keeptrack of your friends and family and lets you link faces in your photo albumwith their social media streams.

Smart Stay is Galaxy S3'soriginal feature that automatically recognizes when you are looking at yourphone. You can win a staring contest with your Galaxy SIII 16GB, staringis a vital aspect of using your Galaxy S3 16GB phone. Too James Bondlike? Why not.

S Beam empowers you to easilyshare your content with friends nearby. You can share and transfer anyelectronic files such as music, photos, videos and much more. Just putthe backs of your Galaxy S3 phones together and instantly connect, shareand enjoy.

All Share Play lets you shareyour content on various devices through network or wireless connection. Giving you remote access to your documents and multimedia files on anyscreen anywhere.

Buddy photo allows you toeasily manage and share your photos with friends and family in your socialnetwork. The phone recognizes faces and links them for you using yourgroup profile guidance. With the Galaxy S3 in your possession, you won'tforget a name.

All Share Cast allows you tomirror your phone display on a wireless big screen which is good for playinggames and sharing your apps with friends and family. Very interactive andeasy to use feature not found on any other phone.

Best photo is a Galaxy S3feature that automatically takes eight photos of you in fast consecutive burstsand will choose the best photo of the group for you. The Best photofeature ensures that no one in the photo is blinking or not smiling. Tryit for yourself, it 's a very intriguing feature.

Pop Up Play feature is ablessing for individuals who multitask on a regular basis and for those whodon't normally do so, will encourage them to start multitasking because theGalaxy S3 makes it easy to do so. You can watch a HD video in one windowwhile sending a text message or email simultaneously in another. With atouch of a finger, you can resize the video and move it anywhere on the screen,chat or surf the web. All within a touch away, all at the same time.

Buy now and enjoy all of the new Galaxy SIII 16GB technology yourself.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S3 (16 GB, Android, Amber Brown)

Product Title: Samsung Galaxy S3 (16 GB, Android, Amber Brown)
Item EAN: 2724269259976
Brand: Samsung Mobile Phones
Operating System: Android
Storage Capacity: 16 GB
Type: Smartphones
Color: Amber Brown

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