Samsung Galaxy S3 (16GB, Android, Marble White)

by Samsung
أبيض رخامى
16 GB
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  • Brand: Samsung
  • Type: Smartphones
  • Operating System: Android
  • Color: أبيض رخامى
Note: 100%Original, Sealed Pack. 10 Months Warranty.
Note: 100%Original, Sealed Pack. 10 Months Warranty.
In Stock Item condition: New
Sold by: Akdotcom
79% positive rating.
Total ratings: 57
Sold by: Akdotcom
79% positive rating.
Total ratings: 57
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Description of Samsung Galaxy S3 (16GB, Android, Marble White)

Samsung's very popular new Galaxy S3 (16GB, Android) phone is taking
the smartphone market by storm and is primed to be the most significant mobile phone of the year.   The Galaxy SIII 16GB is no small phone.  It's elegant design meets the segments high end standards yet offering a competitive price making top technology more accessible to the general public.  The Galaxy SIII (16GB, Marble White) runs on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS with 16GB of internal memory.  Samsung's new 1.4GHz quad core processor has 1GB of RAM and will have a micro SD card slot next to the battery for memory upgrade option up to 64GB across Galaxy S3 specs (16GB, 32GB, and 64GB).

Samsung is adding to the festivities of an already exciting filled year by pinning the Galaxy SIII as the official phone of the 2012 London Olympics.  The Galaxy S3 16GB Android (in marble white) was designed with keeping nature in mind.  Its rock solid build is complimented with a sophisticated design sculpted in marble white.  Refined to fit nicely in your hands, you won't want to put down the Galaxy S3 16GB Android phone.  You will find yourself constantly admiring your new Galaxy SIII phone in marble white.   Filled with exciting features and many new built in apps, the Galaxy S3 is a major evolutionary step forward from its Galaxy S2 predecessor and sets itself apart from the iPhone 4S and HTC One X in dramatic fashion.

Key Samsung Galaxy SIII 16GB Android (marble white) phone's new features:
Direct Call: You find yourself not being able to getting your point across through text messaging?  Just hold the phone up to your ear and the Galaxy S3 16GB will instantly call the person you are currently text messaging.

Smart Alert is the Galaxy SIII's way of notifying you that you received a missed call or a new message after you put your phone down.  The Galaxy S3 16GB sends you a brief vibration and flashes on notification LED as soon as you pick up the phone after a missed call.  Warning: with the Galaxy SIII Smart Alert feature, you will no longer be able to use the excuse """"""""""""""""I didn't know you called"""""""""""""""" once the world learns of this unique feature.

S Voice is a voice recognition feature that can control various features of your phone just by talking to your Galaxy SIII 16GB directly. Unlike the iPhone 4S's Siri feature, the Galaxy S3's S Voice can shoot a photo for you when you ask it to.

Dropbox storage with 50GB of free storage space for everyone.  More space, more convenience, more room for fun.  Extended to you courtesy of Samsung.

Flipboard social network information collector app that is exclusive to Galaxy SIII 16GB owners for a limited time before made available on the Android market.  Enjoy the Flipbaord experience before anyone else can when you purchase your Galaxy S3 16GB phone now.

Social Tag allows you to keep track of your friends and family and lets you link faces in your photo album with their social media streams.

Smart Stay is Galaxy S3's original feature that automatically recognizes when you are looking at your phone.  You can win a staring contest with your Galaxy SIII 16GB, staring is a vital aspect of using your Galaxy S3 16GB phone.  Too James Bond like?  Why not.

S Beam empowers you to easily share your content with friends nearby.  You can share and transfer any electronic files such as music, photos, videos and much more.  Just put the backs of your Galaxy S3 phones together and  instantly connect, share and enjoy.

All Share Play lets you share your content on various devices through network or wireless connection.  Giving you remote access to your documents and multimedia files on any screen anywhere.

Buddy photo allows you to easily manage and share your photos with friends and family in your social network.  The phone recognizes faces and links them for you using your group profile guidance.  With the Galaxy S3 in your possession, you won't forget a name.

All Share Cast allows you to mirror your phone display on a wireless big screen which is good for playing games and sharing your apps with friends and family.  Very interactive and easy to use feature not found on any other phone.

Best photo is a Galaxy S3 feature that automatically takes eight photos of you in fast consecutive bursts and will choose the best photo of the group for you.  The Best photo feature ensures that no one in the photo is blinking or not smiling.  Try it for yourself, it 's a very intriguing feature.

Pop Up Play feature is fortunate for individuals who multitask on a regular basis and for those who don't normally do so, will encourage them to start multitasking because the Galaxy S3 makes it easy to do so.  You can watch a HD video in one window while sending a text message or email simultaneously in another.  With a touch of a finger, you can resize the video and move it anywhere on the screen, chat or surf the web.  All within a touch away, all at the same time.

Buy now and enjoy all of the new Galaxy SIII 16GB technology yourself.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S3 (16GB, Android, Marble White)

Product Title: Samsung Galaxy S3 (16GB, Android, Marble White)
Item EAN: 2724268320837
Brand: Samsung Mobile Phones
Operating System: Android
Storage Capacity: 16 GB
Depth: 8.6
Width: 70.6
Color: 16 Millions
FM Radio: FM Radio
Horizontal resolution: 720
Video capture resolution: HD1080p
Integrated Camera: Double Camera
GPS Receivers: Built-in
Internet / E-Mail Functionality:
Standby time: 37.5
Polyphonic Ringtones:
Continuous audio playback time:
Avail. Language: User Interface: Touchscreen
SIM: 1
Product weight: 133
Type: Smartphones
Push to talk functionality:
External display: 12,19
Java Technology:
Case design: Bar
Photo Resolution Width in Pixel: 3264
Photo Resolution Height in Pixel: 2448
Vertical Resolution in Pixel: 1280
Instant Messaging:
Number of Displays: 1
Near Field Communication:
Multi SIM Card:
Elderly Friendly Phone:
Lens System
Zoom capability: 4
Image quality
Megapixel: 8
Built In Flash:
Storage Capacity
Flash card support:
Digital TV Tuner:
Camera Video:
Screen Size: 4.8
Color: أبيض رخامى
Power Management
Talk time: 22.5
Weight & Dimensions
Height: 136.6
Technical Information
USB Port:
Display technology type: HD SUPER AMOLED
WiFi Based:
E-mail features:
Operating System Version: Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

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evaluating galaxy s3
By user-M1SBGB on 10 April 2014
What's good about this item:
size, resolution, everything
What's not so good about this item:
an excellent mobile to work with. very good size, voice and camera . I got it very reasonably and safely
I recommend this item for a friend.

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