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SGP new iPad 3 / 4 Japan Film Ultra OPTICS Steinheil Screen Protector - Anti Fingerprint with Clarity
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    Apple iPad 3


      SGP Steinheil Ultra Optics Screen Protector for the New iPad 3 ....for those who want to straddle the border of SGP Ultra Crystal and SGP Ultra Fine models to get the best of both worlds (Clarity + Anti-Fingerprint).

      The SPIGEN SGP Steinheil Ultra Series are premium quality screen protectors with

      SGP Steinheil Ultra Optics Screen Protector for the New iPad 3 ....for those who want to straddle the border of SGP Ultra Crystal and SGP Ultra Fine models to get the best of both worlds (Clarity + Anti-Fingerprint).

      The SPIGEN SGP Steinheil Ultra Series are premium quality screen protectors with Base film Made in Japan. All of the Ultra Series have a hard surface and in no way interfere with the touch responsiveness of your display screen. Each Steinheil Ultra screen protector is made to protect the LCD screen from scratches and scuffs. Every person interacts with their mobile device differently. Each kind is different to fit what you want in regards to clarity, anti-fingerprint properties, and smoothness. Whatever you preferences, there is a Steinheil that will provide you with the properties you like best.

      Compatible with: New iPad 3 and iPad 4 with Retina Display

      1 pc - Steinheil Ultra Optics Screen Protector (Screen protector is DRY application without any spray)
      1 pc - LCD Cleaner Spray (for Cleaning the screen Before application)
      1 pc - Squeegee
      1 pc - Microfiber fabric

    • Optical Microlense Array Matte Film - Anti Fingerprint
    • Light Transmittance increased by 50% from Previous Model
    • Premium Matte Surface
    • No interference with Touch-Screen Responsiveness
    • Good surface hardness : 2H to 3H rating
    • Perfect fit for The new iPad 3 / iPad 4 with Retina Display
    • EASY to install - Dry Application (No SPRAYS or Liquids required)
    • Hard coated for Scratches and Scuffs Proof
    • Anti-UV Ray coated
    • No Rainbow Effects
    • Marks and fingerprints wipe away easily
    • Premium Silicone Adhesive : Bubble Free Application
    • Non Tacky Adhesive: Removed easily without leaving Residue
    • Base Film Made in JAPAN
    • Made in KOREA

    • Exclusive feature - Optical Microlens Array Matte Film
      Microlens array contains multiple micro-lenses formed in a single dimensional or bi-dimensional array on a supporting substrate. These small sized lenses diffract scattered light particles in a set pattern that it is very effective in concealing smudges and fingerprints. The Ultra Optics also has high light transmittance that it offers better display resolution than any other Anti-Glare films yet seen.

      Good surface harness : 2H ~3H
      Steinheil Ultra Optics is especially hard coated for high resistance to prevent external scratches. In addition, it works great on touch screen by not affecting the touch responses.

      Perfect fit for device display
      SGP Steinheil Ultra Series are great with fits of equipments. We use special silicon glue to not to make any damage and less air bubbles of LCD screen while you attach or remove.

      Marks and fingerprints wipe away easily
      SGP Steinheil Ultra Series has been surface coated with UV protection. Even contaminants stained or spilled on film. It is very easy to wipe off and almost with no damage of the film. Also, it frees your eyes by blocking harmful electromagnetic from electronic device.

      Copy & Paste Link below on your Internet Browser to see Video of Installation Instructions

      (Instructions are for SGP Ultra Fine protector on iPad 2. However installation procedure is same for this model for new ipad 3 / 4 with Retina Display)

      Q. What are the differences between the Steinheil Ultra Crystal, Ultra Fine, and Ultra Optics Screen Protectors? How about the clarity?

      A. All of our screen protectors are Japanese made, enhanced optical hard films. Ultra Crystal is a clear type where it absolutely does not affect the screen image quality. Ultra Crystal has glass-like surface coating with the best resistance against scratches. Ultra Fine screen protector is matte type hard film which resists against fingerprints and smudges, but it is less clear compared to other Steinheil screen protectors. Ultra Optics is our newest product which is anti-fingerprint, anti-glare and does not interfere with retina display.

      Q. How is the Ultra Optics for the iPad 3 / 4 different from the earlier Ultra Optics model for iPad 2 ?
      A. The Ultra Optics for The new iPad is updated with a new microlense array layer to provide the best clarity for the retina display of The new iPad 3 / 4. The Ultra Optics for the iPad 2 is still compatible with the new iPad, but clarity may be blurred under certain light conditions. For the new iPad users, we highly recommend using the newly improved Ultra Optics for the best anti-fingerprint and anti-glare solution.

      Q. What type of applications do these screen protector films use?
      A. All our screen protector films utilize DRY application. Self adhesive film will attach itself to a screen WITHOUT any solution.

      Q. Are these screen protector films reusable?
      A. No, since Steinheil screen protectors utilize self adhesive application, removing the films would attract lint and dust, making it unable to be reattached.

      Q. How do I remove the films?
      A. Tape one corner of the screen protector, then lift it up slowly to remove the screen protector.

      Q. Do the Steinheil Screen Protectors leave any residue?
      A. No, all of our Steinheil screen protectors utilize a premium silicon adhesive which absolutely does not leave any kind of residue.

      Q. Are the Steinheil Screen Protectors compatible with the cases you offer?
      A. Yes, all our Steinheil Screen Protectors are compatible with all of our SPIGEN SGP cases that we offer.

      100% Original SPIGEN SGP product in Retail pack with Authentication Hologram logo.
      Unique different serial no.inside each product for GENUINE PRODUCT VALIDATION on

      SPIGEN SGP is a High Quality Branded product from USA
      SGP Screen Protectors use High Quality Film Made in JAPAN
      SPIGEN SGP is Made in KOREA under strictest quality supervision

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