Smart Carousel Organizer #1096

by Others
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  • Type: Organizer
    In Stock Item condition: New
    Sold by: artc505
    83% positive rating.
    Total ratings: 344
    Sold by: artc505
    83% positive rating.
    Total ratings: 344
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    Description of Smart Carousel Organizer #1096

    The ultimate way to maximize your space. This Unique Closet Organizer stores your shoes, purses, sweaters, linens, arts, crafts, toys. Swivel hanger allows you to access every pocket and shelf in one swirl. Lifts all your items up off the floor and organizes them so when you are ready to use them they are visible and clean. Item length is 13-inch by 51-3/4-inch by 13.20-inch and weighs only 2.22-pound.

    Specifications of Smart Carousel Organizer #1096

    Product Title: Smart Carousel Organizer #1096
    Item EAN: 2724269445850
    Brand: Others Home Supplies
    Type: Organizer

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