Travel Sewing Machine

by Others
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  • Type: Sewing Machine
    In Stock Item condition: New
    Sold by: Paris.Shop
    77% positive rating.
    Total ratings: 2,294
    Sold by: Paris.Shop
    77% positive rating.
    Total ratings: 2,294
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    Description of Travel Sewing Machine

    Mend, seam and sew a wide variety of fabrics using the compact and lightweight yet efficient portable Travel Sewing Machine Fitting all your sewing requirements!
    • Ideal for use on a variety of materials
    • Mends, seams and sews performing a wide variety of sewing requirements
    • Compact and easy to store
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Serving your needs in minutes where ever you go

    Specifications of Travel Sewing Machine

    Product Title: Travel Sewing Machine
    Item EAN: 2724271571578
    Brand: Others Home Supplies
    Type: Sewing Machine

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