Videocon 32-Inch HD LED TV [LEDVJW32HH-NFAESA]

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32 Inch
1,199.00 AED
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  • Brand: Videocon
  • HDTV: Yes
  • Screen Size: 32 Inch
1 Year Warranty details? In Stock Item condition: New
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Sold by: dod_uae
90% positive rating.
Total ratings: 188,873
Sold by: dod_uae
90% positive rating.
Total ratings: 188,873
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Description of Videocon 32-Inch HD LED TV [LEDVJW32HH-NFAESA]

Super Contrast
Super Contrast

Videocon has a full range of LED televisions which help you treat your senses to rich visuals and crystal clear sound. The LED TV range is also very enticing with televisions consisting of features like dynamic contrast improvement. This feature boosts your TV viewing experience.

Mobile High Definition Screen
Mobile High Definition Screen

This Full HD 1080p television uses 1080 horizontal lines to create the picture on the screen.
With 16.7 billon display colors, this Videocon LED brings vibrant colors and a new dimension of picture clarity by constantly adapting to the images on the screen, producing great detail while delivering a color gamut.

Mobile Super Slim Direct Led
Mobile Super Slim Direct Led

The Videocon 32-Inch television is an elegant looking one designed with great sophistication. It occupies minimal space and accommodates aptly in your living room.

Mobile ECO Vision
Mobile ECO Vision

This feature enables you to customize your TV's energy consumption by adjusting eco vision parameters that suit best of choice to save electricity costs and environment both.

Mobile Energy Meter
Mobile Energy Meter

This TV has a built in energy meter that allows you to customize energy consumption. It offers the Family Eco Logic Energy meter that controls the energy consumption and thereby reduces power consumption.

Mobile 5 Band Graphic Equalizer
Mobile 5 Band Graphic Equalizer

Clarity of sound makes an audio piece soulful. Clearer the audio, deeper the experience. Unlike any other LED, the new Videocon DDB LED, is equipped with a 10-Band graphic equalizer. This unique feature lets you adjust, choose and set the sound that suits your mood or taste in music.

Mobile Digital Comb Filter (3D)
Mobile Digital Comb Filter (3D)

The digital comb filter effectively separates the luminance and chrominance parts of a video signal in the digital domain, which provides enhanced color purity and reduced dot crawl over the analog variety.

Mobile USB 2.0
Mobile USB 2.0

The USB 2.0 helps you in connecting & playing your favorite Movies, Audios, Images and any other multimedia. And also, it allows you to enjoy even high definition content up to 1080p.

Mobile Smart Connect (HDMI–CEC)
Mobile Smart Connect (HDMI–CEC)

The world is moving towards integration and convergence. We are all looking for a less wired, or rather, a wireless world. Now you'll be able to connect your Blu ray player, surround sound system, hard disk and other entertainment devices to your Videocon DDB LED through the unique HDMI slot and control them from a single remote. So every time you switch on your TV, your entertainment will multiply in more ways than one.

Physical Features

Physical Features

Specifications of Videocon 32-Inch HD LED TV [LEDVJW32HH-NFAESA]

Product Title: Videocon 32-Inch HD LED TV [LEDVJW32HH-NFAESA]
Item EAN: 2724278459497
Brand: Videocon Televisions
Monitor Type: LED
USB Port:
Depth: 80 mm
Width: 744 mm
Weight with stand: 5 Kg
Power Source: 240V / 50-60 Hz AC
Horizontal resolution: 1366.0
3D Landmarks:
Power consumption, energy saving mode: 70W
Full HD:
LED Backlight: LED
Vertical Resolution in Pixel: 768
Screen Size: 32 Inch
Number of HDMI Inputs: 1.0
Weight & Dimensions
Height: 458 mm

Images of Videocon 32-Inch HD LED TV [LEDVJW32HH-NFAESA]

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Videocon 32-Inch HD LED TV [LEDVJW32HH-NFAESA] Price in UAE

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