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"The human body is the best picture of the human soul". A quote by Ludwig Wittgenstein an Austrian-British philosopher. Doing sport is an essential part of everyone's life, not only for the sake of playing a game; but also to maintain a good health and form a good shape that we are satisfied with. Sports are as old as ever, people used to do sport in different kinds like running, swimming, climbing and a lot of other activities.

Good for us, in modern days we don't have to run up hills or swim the seas, as exercising now is as easy as it gets with modern devices and equipment that facilitate our daily exercising. Modern technology is affecting our lives in so many ways, hence it was only natural that technology would enter the fitness and sport world providing high tech devices that help us carry out training by monitoring the course of sport, calculating the steps while running, calories lost while training, and more of usage to be counted.

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