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Tablets are the perfect balance of portability and functionality. You can choose the perfect tablet for you based on a variety of factors such as screen size, operating system, usage, tablet brand, and so on. Souq has a range of tablets with prices to suit every budget. Voice calling tablets from Asus, Samsung, and Wintouch are well suited for Skype calls.

If you love watching movies or working on the go, a large screen tablet is your best bet. Microsoft's range of tablets, with their detachable keyboards, are very well suited for a day or work and play.

The new range of Kindles with their ultra-thin screens house an enormous collection of books, games, and movies. You can select the Retina display option whether you choose an iPad mini or iPad Pro in a variety of sizes. Souq has a vast collection of Android tablets from Acer, Lenovo, and many more. Samsung's range of Note tablets is a popular choice. Brands such as Ctroniq, ViPad, ENet, and so on are also available.

Your ultra-portable device can be customized with a range of accessories. Keep the screen safe with a glass screen protector. Antiglare protectors are ideal for outdoor usage. Innjoo also has a range of tablet accessories that are compatible with models from every brand and will keep your precious device safe. A sophisticated folio case will add a formal touch while a colorful PU case adds an element of fun.

Once you have everything set up, you can switch off to the world around you as you plug in your headphones. Opt for noise cancellation headphones or in ear wireless ear buds so you can work on the go. Bluetooth headphones are perfect for video conferencing, gaming, or simply dancing to your own tune. To ensure that your device has enough juice while you travel, get a tablet power bank with a higher capacity. Have a look at the range of branded power banks that are specially designed for tablets from Souq.