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A coin collector or Numismatic is the person who enjoys collecting coins. As a hobby, it can be calming and rewarding at the same time. Rare coins are known to fetch some of the highest prices in bids at places like Sotheby’s. Coin collectors usually frame their prized collections as it can be quite a painstaking process to collect such currency from all over the world. Souq has been dealing in collector coins, and is committed to bringing high quality gold and sliver coins, new coins, old coins, and more at the affordable budgets. This makes our site one of the premier players in this hobby. Whether you are looking for any particular type of coin, a key coin to complete your collection, or seeking the thrill of the hunt offered in buying a lot, you can trust the team at Souq to give you top notch service.

Our collection entails old and new Australian coins, Indian coins, British coins including pennies, North and South American coins, Middle Eastern coins, African coins, European coins and more. Our vast collection is sure to please even the hard to please person. These coins even make great gifts for someone on their birthdays, anniversaries, farewells, and more.