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Gamers of all kinds rejoice. If you are searching for all the latest video games for your consoles, you've reached the right place. Souq brings you the latest and hottest games for your Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo consoles, as well as PC games that will surely delight you. We have an exhaustive range of games for other type of consoles for you to choose from. We even stock up on games for the latest Xbox and PlayStation consoles, including Xbox One /s/">Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Our comprehensive collection ensures that you get to experience optimal gaming, always. Games for portable gaming devices such as PSP, PSP Vita by PlayStation, and Nintendo 3DS, 2DS will definitely keep you entertained on the move.

Whether you prefer PC games, or are a looking for games for gaming consoles, we have every type of game for your boys and girls of different ages. We have the latest collection of best selling games by EA, Rockstar, Valve, Blizzard Entertainment, Rising Star Games, Disney Interactive Studios, Bethesda Softworks, LucasArts, and many other studios that will have you engrossed for hours together. Endless variety of games, from hardcore games action, action, adventure, shooters, role playing, strategy, simulation, and sports, to family, friendly, casual, music, educational, exergames, and more for all the available consoles are up for grabs here.