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Digital devices such as mobile phones or cameras usually come with limited or no memory, making it important to add additional storage to it with the help of an external memory card. When looking for a memory device, factors such as capacity, form factor, and so forth should be considered. Also, one needs to check for compatibility with your devices. The speed of data transfer matters as well, for which you need to know the transmission speed of the card. All these factors ascertain your memory device’s ability to accept and send information to the device it is connected to. You can either buy one high capacity card or you can buy several smaller capacity ones.

Souq offers memory cards of all types for your cameras, phones, computers and other digital devices from brands like Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Sandisk, Transcend, Apotop, Kingmax, Twinmos, Margoun, and more. We have all types of memory cards for cameras, along with microSD cards for phones, and memory sticks for game consoles and more. These cards have different capacities. A memory card with higher capacity will enable you to store more of multimedia files and other data that you consider important. Enjoy the benefits of shopping from the convenience of your home only with Souq.