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OXO Good Grips Food Scale with Pull-Out Display, 11-Pound Black 11176800
195.77 AED

OXO Good Grips Food Scale with Pull-Out Display, 11-Pound Black 11176800

by  OXO, Kitchen Measuring Tools -  104 ratings

195.77 AED 

+ 60.08 AED UAE Delivery
International Product from Amazon.com. Ships from and sold by Amazon Global Store US.
Main Features:
  • Display slides into scale for compact storage and pulls away from base to prevent shadowing from large plates or bowls
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    OXO Good Grips Digital Glass Food Scale With Pull Out Display - Black


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Most helpful reviews on Amazon.com
  • Not perfect
    By kagy on 13 June 2018

    This could have gone to 2.5 stars, so toss up on 2 vs 3. I love the design and concept. The light makes it super easy to read.

    The downside is that the scale takes a bit too long to lock-on to a new measurement. For instance, I was pouring water into already measured flour. Need to be precise, but the scale was telling me I was still a couple of grams short, so I began adding water when the numbers "jumped" a few grams.

    And this is actually my second scale. I had to return the first one because it wasn't coming on reliably when I pulled out the display.

    4 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Ideal kitchen scale
    By Jesjes Rick on 22 April 2017

    I have used this a few months now and am quite happy with it. Somebody asked about accuracy and precision. It is certainly sensitive enough to measure down to 1g (the smallest unit displayed). And when I tested on a bunch of US coins (10 each) I got:
    coin | weighted | expected from wikipedia
    Nickel | 50g | 50.00g
    Penny | 25g | 25.00g
    Dime | 22g | 22.68g
    Quarter| 56g | 56.70g

    I have not tested the "linearity" i.e. whether these results hold if the total weight on the scale is near the given max of 5 kg. For my purposes this scale is ideal. I like the magnetic contact that also automatically shuts off the display when you slide the pull out display back under the unit.

    5 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Good physical design, less good performance
    By R. McDonald on 26 May 2018

    The physical design of the scale is great, but it takes a *long* time to settle on a weight. You will put something on the scale and after a few seconds it will drop a gram, then in a few seconds another gram. It typically seems to be +- 2 grams at any point, which is annoying and may or may not be material, depending on what you're weighing. My coffee pot plus filter varies between 429 and 432 grams.

    The other problem is that ounce increments are 1/8 ounce. Why??? If you can weigh grams, you can weigh ounces in 1/25 units.

    If I were in the market for a replacement scale, I would look carefully at the alternatives.

    3 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Numbers jump all over the place. Simply doesn't work
    By Matthew Duval on 26 May 2018

    I am a professional baker and love most OXO products. This scale has been nothing but trouble for me though. The numbers change drastically without any weight on the scale and mid scaling the numbers change. Such a huge pain! It started freaking out right after my return window closed. Huge bummer with this one.

    7 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

  • Wish it had a power supply
    By Amazon Customer on 29 June 2017

    I just received it about 3 days ago. I would have given it 5 stars except for the batteries. I inserted the batteries that were sent with the machine. I turned it on to do some weight accuracy testing. After about 10 minutes the unit went dead. I am assuming it is the batteries; however, I will not be sure until a replace them. If it is the batteries, I am hoping that the batteries sent with the product were just old because 10 minutes use for a set of batteries will be unacceptable. I have tested it for accuracy by using standard coins that have a known weight. I tested placing the weights on different areas of the top. In general all the areas were accurate within 1 gram, however, I found that when I tested a coin by itself or anything that weighed up to 5 grams, sometimes the scale varied by 1 gram. When I placed a receptacle on the scale weighing more than 5 grams and then placed a coin on the receptacle it read accurately from then on up. I would recommend the scale as it is a good size for me and it is accurate enough (within 1 gram) as I am diabetic and I need to count carbs accurate.
    This is an update on the battery problem. I changed the batteries; however, the problem was in the unit itself. It did start working again by itself so it must be a lose wire or bad connection someplace. I cannot send it back for an exchange as I took it to Europe and it is $25 to mail it back to Amazon not counting the return postage to me. I will keep it and hope for the best.

    3 people found this review helpful

    Published on Amazon.com

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