Souq.com SafePay

Souq.com SafePay protects both buyers and sellers when dealing with each other, by providing a safe shopping environment and a verified escrow service. With Souq.com payment system, transactions are 100% guaranteed to be secure!
When buyers pay, through various supported payment methods, for their purchase through Souq.com SafePay, the payment is protected as funds are transferred to the seller's account but held as pending.
After payment verification, the seller ships the item.
Souq.com tracks the shipped merchandise and verifies it was delivered. The seller is not paid until the buyer accepts the item and rates the seller through feedback. Any comments the buyer may have, should be reported to Souq.com within 24 hours.
When the buyer confirms all is well, Souq.com releases funds in the seller's account.
Souq.com SafePay covers all product categories; except Furniture, Motors, Real Estate, LCD screens and Jewelry.
If a payment is not made through Souq.com payment system, the purchase will not benefit from Souq.com SafePay protection and Souq.com cannot guarantee anything related to the transaction.