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Sell On Souq.com
How It Works

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How it works

Selling on Souq.com is easy!
Below are the steps that you need to do in order to sell your items on Souq.com. It’s fast and simple
Listing your items for sale on Souq.com (Hide/Show Images Below?)
1. Finding the right “Product Type”
You basically need to find the “Product Type” (the category) for the product that you want to sell. To do so, you can either utilize the Search bar or select from the Category tree.

Finding the right Product Type

If you dislike the search method, you can locate your product within the “Category tree” (product type). Simply click on the relevant category level and follow the consequent prompts for further refinements.

Category tree (product type)

2. Selecting the right “Product”
After performing the product type selection (from the above category tree), the system will generate a list of the matched products from the Souq.com Catalogue. From here you simply choose the product that you want to list.

Note: If you received a long list, you can always refine your search. For example refine your search by adding the exact model # or “collection name” [if is fashion].

Selecting the right Product

3. Listing your “Product” for sale on Souq.com
a.) Product selected from Souq.com Catalogue (you found the product you want to list)
If you already selected the product you want to list from the Souq.com Catalogue, you don’t need to fill in any product details (specifications, characteristics, images, model, color, description etc.) as we have already done this for you! All you need to do is fill in your offer information (price, quantity in stock, condition, your SKU etc.).

Listing your Product for sale on Souq.com

b.) Inserting a “New Product” to the Souq.com Catalogue (if you didn’t find the product you wanted to list)
If you couldn’t find the product you want to list in the Souq.com Catalogue, simply click on the “Add New Product” and enter the product details and images for your listing.

Inserting a “New Product” to the Souq.com Catalogue

Important: Please be careful in listing your product details and uploading your product images as this product will be added to the Souq.com Catalogue, which can be used for any other reselling efforts on Souq.com. Please click here to read Souq.com's Product Listing Guide & Policy

Product Details Page:
In this page, you need to fill in all your product details. It is imperative that this is done accurately and as specifically as possible.

Tip: For areas that require manual input, it is a good idea to use spell check as this will impact your SEO results.

Product Details Page

Tip: Please keep an eye on the Seller Helper. This feature will guide you in submitting accurate information about your product and offer during the listing process. Seller Helper will appear vertically alongside the fields which you are working on.

For non-field entries, click on (?) to open the Seller Helper for that specific entry.

Product Images Page:
In this page, you need to upload images for your product.

During this step, you can select multiple images all at once. This may also be done by a simple drag and drop feature.

Tip: Do not discount the importance of quality images as this is the first impression [and sometimes ONLY] you will make with any potential Buyers.

Product Images Page

Important: Please click here to carefully read the product images guidelines. A good picture is worth a thousand words!

Offer Details Page:
In this page, you need to fill in your offer information (condition, stock quantity, price, SKU, offer note, handling time and your shipping preferences).

Offer Details Page

Tip: Define your value proposition. This can be through pricing, free shipping, unique bundles, extended warranties etc. When your offer is unique or competitively priced, it’s more likely to sell. Selling on Souq.com is no different from selling your product at a highly trafficked shopping center. Traffic is abundant, so the main question is how enticing your overall offer is, especially with savvy, comparison shopping, online Buyers!

Review and Confirm Page:
After filling in all the offer details, you just need to review what you’ve entered or uploaded, if everything looks fine, click on “Confirm Listing” Button, and you’re done.

Tip: don’t forget to spell check.

Important: If you have listed a new product that doesn’t exist in our catalogue; Souq.com's Content Team will review your listed product before activating it on site. This process aims to confirm alignment with our listing policies, and to ensure that the content provided for this product is clear and accurate and for buyers.

If your listing is not approved within 24 hours, please check your listings/seller dashboard for rejected items.

For more information about listing policy you can visit it again anytime using this link: https://uae.souq.com/ae-en/product_listing_guide/c/#top

Listings Management
1. Keep your listings up to date:
To ensure optimal customer satisfaction and maximize your sales potential it is essential that you review your listings regularly. A check list to monitor includes: stock availability, competitive pricing, new offers, and the status of your listings (which ones need to be re-activated or have been rejected and need to re-listed).

2. Keep adding more items:
To make best use of the millions of Souq.com Customers and to increase sales, add new items regularly and ensure that your whole catalog is listed on Souq.com. More products mean more opportunities for sales.

Order Management
1. Receiving and Confirming New Orders
Once your product is live on the website and you receive an order, you will be alerted via email notification. You can also verify such orders by logging in to your account on Souq.com.

Note: Confirm your orders within 24 hours of notification and only if it is in-stock and ready for courier pick up.

2. Packing/Managing Orders
Once you confirm your order you must print the Airway Bill and prepare your order for pick up by the courier. After which, you will need to pack the product in a way that ensures it remains intact during shipping and represents the “image” you wish to convey to your Buyer. As an extra precaution, it is a good idea to double-pack your product (using bubble-wrap or other protective packing materials) to ensure it can withstand extreme shipping conditions.

3. Shipping Orders
Now that you have your Airway Bill and product is all packed, you’re ready to ship and you will need to coordinate with the specified courier on your Airway Bill (either Aramex or Qexpress). The designated courier should contact you within 24 hours of your order confirmation. If this does not occur please contact the courier immediately to make arrangements.

4. Customer Complaints Resolution
Always make sure to review and resolve any customer complaints promptly, either directly or with the Souq.com Customer Service department when applicable. Remember, the better your customer ratings, the greater your chance of repeat purchases and also attracting new, first time buyers.

Your Payments (Getting Paid)
1. Your Bank Info
In order to be paid, please add your valid bank details into the “My Account” section of your seller dashboard. It is advisable to review the details before saving them.

2. Requesting a Withdrawal
To withdraw from your available amount, simply click on “Withdrawal” and fill in the amount you wish to withdraw. The withdrawn amount will get credited to your Bank account in the next 72 hours.

Quick Checklist to Maximize Your Sales Opportunity

add new items regularly and ensure that your whole catalog is listed on Souq.com!

always look for new product categories which you can introduce to Souq.com. Be the “first to launch” and establish yourself as the Market Leader.

Take advantage of Souq.com's presence in UAE, KSA, Kuwait & Egypt.

Always focus on building your USP (unique selling point) or key strength, which will make you stand out amount the 1,000s of Sellers on Souq.com. And don’t forget to ensure you are priced competitively – everyone loves a good deal!

Track daily sales and key items which you are selling. Maintain sufficient stocks and funds allocated for the same.

the best displayed products get instant attention from our Customers and hence sell more – we know!

A large number of Customers keep track of how other Customers have rated a particular Seller before buying a product. Aim for the highest level of positive ratings by ensuring that YOU deliver on what WE promise to our Customers in both the product shipped and buying experience.

Customers want instant gratification. Quick order fulfillment ensures higher customer satisfaction, repeat purchase and faster payment to YOU.

The aim is not only to sell, but also to ensure customer satisfaction. Thus, keep track of customer complaints and promptly address. Remember, Customers love to share their experiences on Social Media – good or bad!

We have many opportunities to promote your products through different marketing channels of Souq.com. Check our Marketing Calendar for monthly events & promotions to list your list products or sponsor “Specialty Shops” targeted to a specific audience or event!

Sell on Souq.com and reach 100,000's of buyers daily!